Mystery shopper: Pall Mall Barbers London

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  Pall Mall Barbers (PMB) have four shops at key locations around London. Just naming them sounds like holding the best cards in Monopoly; Fitzrovioa (for trendy media types), Bishopsgate (Bankers), Trafalgar square (West end boys) and Westminster (Politicians and spies). Confusingly they don’t have a shop on Pall Mall, but they do have a […]

Mystery Shopper: Champ’s Barbers

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THE MYSTERY SHOPPER IS BACK WITH A VISIT TO LONDON BASED CHAMP’S BARBERS Now followers of this column will know I’ve been to a good few barber shops in my travels, but Champs was a new experience. It’s the first barbershop that I’ve been to that has a really distinctive ‘urban’ vibe, very difficult to […]


The Man Behind The Picture

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You may have seen this touching photo of the moment James Williams made a remarkable breakthrough with his four-year-old client, Mason. Mason was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and often became uneasy during haircuts. After months of trying, James was able to give Mason his first proper haircut as the two lay in silence on […]

Mystery Shopper: Dear Barber Hale

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Hale can be found on the outskirts of South Manchester. Often frequented by the Nouveau riche, it is a hive of contemporary bars and restaurants where spotting a footballer and his WAG is a common occurrence. Affluent, upmarket, ritzy. Upon arriving at one Dear Barber I met Simon Churchman. To date, all of the barbers […]

Mystery Shopper: Lymm Barber Shop

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The next destination on my tour of UK barbershops was Lymm, a breathtakingly beautiful village in Cheshire. It’s home to an almost Dickensian looking Christmas market, canals and Craig Griffin’s Lymm Barbershop. Admittedly there was prior warning. I had an awfully busy day lined up so contacted Craig the night before via Twitter for an […]

Mystery Shopper: Just Gents

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It was a busy day and also the hottest of the year. After an overnight stay in Lynn and a brief pass through Huddersfield to pick up fireworks (don’t ask), I took a detour on my route home to visit Just Gents, the Milton Keynes-based barbershop of Tony and Jamie Roberts. Roberts Snr was away […]

Wet Shaving: A How To Guide

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Shaving is a right a passage for all young gents. Upon realising that upper lip fur doesn’t make us look older – infact it looks bloody daft – we reach for a razor with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Through a process of trial and error we slowly become proficient with a razor in hand. […]