Wet Shaving: A How To Guide

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Shaving is a right a passage for all young gents. Upon realising that upper lip fur doesn’t make us look older – infact it looks bloody daft – we reach for a razor with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Through a process of trial and error we slowly become proficient with a razor in hand. […]


Beard Oils: What, Why & How?

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With hirsute gents still chuckling at the term ‘peak beard’, the popularity of beard grooming products has exploded. The market has become somewhat saturated with both well-known and small independent brands. What are the benefits and which brand should you use? What is beard oil? Quite simply, a beard oil is a combination of conditioning […]

Finding The Barber For You

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Although the name escapes me, somebody once said that the most important figures in a gent’s life are his tailor and his barber. It could be argued that other figures – particularly during one’s formative years – could be deemed more important, but you get the point. But how do you go about finding the […]