Male Grooming Products: Which one is for me?

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Navigating the minefield of male grooming products is a necessary evil for all gents. You are left to fend for your own barnet the moment you leave the safety of the barber’s chair. All good barbers will educate you on how to recreate the style day after day and which grooming products to use. But just incase, here’s a short guide to male hair products.

Hair Wax

Ideal for both straight and wavy hair, wax provides a strong hold but with excellent pliability. It’s perfect for adding extra definition to both classic and contemporary styles.


Recent trends facilitated a huge growth in the pomade market. Slicked back pompadours and classic side parts made it very much a must-have grooming product. Although variations are available, pomades traditionally provide a strong hold and high shine finish. We’d recommend a good water-based pomade (rather than oil-based) as it provides the same shine without the greasiness and is far easier to wash out.

Styling Cream

Styling cream provides a much more natural and lightweight finish than its counterparts. It’s perfect for accentuating movement and the natural texture of your hair, making it ideal for longer styles.

Clay/ Matte Pastes

The clue is very much in the name. Clays offer a strong matte finish for heavily textured styles. With more dishevelled looks set to be at the forefront of 2016 trends, clays and pastes are going to be the latest go-to product.