Mystery Shopper: Dear Barber Hale

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Hale can be found on the outskirts of South Manchester. Often frequented by the Nouveau riche, it is a hive of contemporary bars and restaurants where spotting a footballer and his WAG is a common occurrence. Affluent, upmarket, ritzy.

Upon arriving at one Dear Barber I met Simon Churchman. To date, all of the barbers I’ve met have been members of the British Master Barbers Alliance; well established with their own shop. However, Simon is at the start of his barbering career and it was great to hear his plans, ambitions and ideas. Simon has been barbering for around 3 years, and has switched to Dear Barber in Hale having honed his skills at ‘Headzaklys’ in Hyde, Glossop and Hollingworth.

Simon did a great job with my staple short back and sides, ensuring the tightest of lines with a straight razor and adding shape with Dear Barber’s own-brand wax. Afterwards we began conversing about the industry. It came to light that both Simon and I had been to the inaugural ‘Great British Barber Bash’ in Southport.

After name-dropping some of the people we knew and respected, he mentioned he’d been to the Rix’s place (Master Barber’s Shop) in Southport. We moved onto the topic of shaving as I said I’d had a shave there, and Simon mentioned that he was really keen to learn more about wet shaving. I told him that they had a training facility upstairs and that it would be a perfect place to learn. Simon has an excellent knowledge of his contemporaries and i’m sure he’ll receive advice along the way.

All in all, a great cut from Simon. I wish you the very best of luck with your career!

156 Ashley Road
WA15 9SA