Mystery Shopper: Horsham Barbers

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So, you’re on your way to a close friend’s wedding in West Sussex. Shoes are polished, collars are crisp and embarrassing stories of the groom are summoned to the forefront of your mind. The only thing to slip your attention is a tidy up in the hair department.

That is the exact unfortunate situation I found myself in a couple of weeks back. The impromptu hunt for a barbershop was on. Luckily for me, the beautiful market town of Horsham is home to BMB member James Merriner and his aptly named ‘Horsham Barbers’.
The store is situated just outside the main town.

I was welcomed by a man I assumed to be James, a man mountain but immediately likable chap. Barbers can be purveyors of haircuts, shaves and awkward silences but this certainly wasn’t the case. From the moment I took residence in the chair, I was drawn into a conversation about one of my favourite topics, cars.

The shop has a very contemporary feel, in contrast to the resurgent traditional style barbershops. The music was modern and the banter flowing – the friendly kind, not the wholly inappropriate kind that relies on the term’s shield. James was very passionate about his products; he’d hand picked the brands they carry himself.

A steady flow of customers meandered through the door. Everybody was catered to and nothing felt rushed, which is always reassuring. As for the cut itself, it was exactly how I like it – a nice fade and clean, tight edges.

I’d certainly recommend Horsham Barbers for a last minute trim before a wedding, or any trim for that matter.

5 Queen St
West Sussex
RH13 5AA