Mystery Shopper: Just Gents

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It was a busy day and also the hottest of the year. After an overnight stay in Lynn and a brief pass through Huddersfield to pick up fireworks (don’t ask), I took a detour on my route home to visit Just Gents, the Milton Keynes-based barbershop of Tony and Jamie Roberts.

Roberts Snr was away sunning himself in Spain. The shop had been left in the hands of son Jamie and his colleague Cathy. I walked in to find an orderly queue of patrons – always a good sign, especially considering it was the afternoon.

Jamie has been a barber for 18 years and his passion for the trade is obvious. While he fashioned my ever corporate combover, Jamie and I were locked in conversation about the renaissance of the barbering industry. We discussed North vs South trends, apprenticeships and my favourite topic of late, the imminent and overdue disappearance of beards. Perhaps my questions were a little too probing, within 10 minutes he had guessed I was the BMB mystery shopper.

Our discussion then took a turn to shaving. It’s not currently a service Just Gents offer due to an uncertainty with regards to local demand. I’ll certainly be back should they decide to offer a traditional wet shave. Jamie currently favours a Kasho Captain razor, which he thinks can give the closest of shaves.

My haircut was completely perfectly, quickly. It’s immediately apparent why the shop has such a loyal clientele. Jamie is a warm, interesting guy with a really strong knowledge of the industry. If you’re ever passing by Milton Keynes I implore you to stop by, it’s just 10 minutes off the M1 (on a good day).

702 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes