Mystery Shopper: Lymm Barber Shop

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The next destination on my tour of UK barbershops was Lymm, a breathtakingly beautiful village in Cheshire. It’s home to an almost Dickensian looking Christmas market, canals and Craig Griffin’s Lymm Barbershop. Admittedly there was prior warning. I had an awfully busy day lined up so contacted Craig the night before via Twitter for an early appointment.

There was certainly a chill in the air when we met at 8:30am, but the shop was already warm and welcoming. I immediately sensed a hint of Americana, and not just because of the blues playing gently in the background. Design cues from the barbershops of old are apparent but brought together in a more modern way.

I’d booked myself for a haircut and a shave, treating myself, I know. As all good barbers do, Craig started with an in depth consultation. He even found my weird crown, which if not properly handled can result in an ungainly spike at the back of my head. So far, so good.

It was then onto the shave. After asking if I was on medication – a question I don’t get often, honestly – Craig began a very relaxing shave. And now for the controversial part. Is it acceptable to use a safety razor during a wet shave? The purists will say no, the pragmatists yes. Craig used a cutthroat on the face and a safety razor, much like one my father had, on my neck. Personally I’m fine with it: It avoids my sensitive neck looking sore and blotchy. Either way, the shave left my skin feeling smooth and I’m semi-certain I fell asleep during it.

Craig mentioned his plans to turn the downstairs into a whiskey bar. He’ll certainly hear no objections from me. I was presented with a ‘cutting club’ card and invited back when I was next in town, an offer I will gladly take up. I can think of few finer pleasures than enjoying a bourbon while listening to Muddy Waters, or alternatively, having a much needed nap in Craig’s chair again.

2 Bridgewater Street