Mystery Shopper: Master Barber’s Shop

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Having not been to Southport in the past 30 years, a family wedding in the unfortunately named Ramsbottom gave me the ideal opportunity to visit the Master Barber’s Shop. Ok, it wasn’t strictly on the way but well worth it.

The large seaside town has a very relaxed vibe, not unlike that of Brighton. Dan and Rob Rix’s barbershop is set in the picturesque Wayfarers Shopping Arcade. The shop itself is immaculate, light and airy.

The responsibility of taming my unruly barnet fell to one of the apprentices. Considering his relative inexperience, the young gent did a great job in a relaxed and confident manner – i’m sure he’ll go onto great things.

After paying I got talking to Dan, who introduced me to his father, Rob. I’m struggling to think of two more courteous and professional gentlemen I have come across. The Master Barber’s Shop also offers barbering courses. The upstairs training area has two stations, allowing them to cater to the individual skill levels of their students. It’s great to see experienced barbers passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

It was only meant to be a flying visit, especially considering I only had an hour on the parking meter and a 300 mile drive back to Surrey was looming. Dan insisted he could give me a wet shave in just 20 minutes. After agreeing, Dan and his apprentices began an operation of almost military level efficiency. Towel after towel came and went as he gave me a close and relaxing shave. No nicks, no rawness, and my skin felt clean and smooth.

The Rix’s barbershop is as close to perfection as you’re likely to see – a bold claim, i know. An excellent shop, well-trained staff, great products available and they’re clearly investing in the next generation. What’s not to love? I went out of my way to visit and I would recommend you do too.

311 Lord St