Mystery Shopper: The Golden Scissors Dorking

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Dorking Town is famous for many things; an ancient breed of chicken (celebrated by a simply huge statue of a silver cockerel on one of its roundabouts), the birthplace of Lawrence Olivier, and the once home of another actor and renown imbiber, Oliver Reed. But for me, Dorking is famous for one thing – The Golden Scissors.

The Golden Scissors is run by Father and Son team Tony (Dad) and Anthony (Son) Copeland. The site also has an adjoining ladies salon too, headed up by Vidal Sassoon trained Rob Dunsdon. Newcomer Adam Isbill is a welcome addition to their team, and it was Adam who cut my hair when I went in recently.

On the barbers side it’s a relatively small shop, but what it looses in size it gains in atmosphere. On most days you will find a steady stream of regulars lined up, often with standing room only. Tony and Antony are fully qualified, and incredibly experienced, meaning they can deliver literally anything a client desires. Fades, pompadours, freestyle, scissor cuts, razor cuts…..I’ve yet to hear them say ‘No, we can’t do that’. Adam did a great job of giving me a nicely faded undercut (I’m growing my hair a little!), followed by a really relaxing head and shoulder massage. No complaints at all!


Wet shaves can also be delivered but it’s worth phoning in advance as the place can get very busy, especially on weekends.

I should also mention that Tony teaches barbering at Central Sussex College, and the shop occasionally offers one-day training courses. Interestingly both Tony and Anthony are now on the City and Guilds barbering advisory board, so their influence stretches far and wide.

OK, they can cut your hair, what’s so special about that?

The reason I am a loyal customer (when not on Mystery Shopper duty ) is simply this – the atmosphere.

The place has given more outright happiness, in terms of laughter, giggles, smiles and quiet contentment then anywhere I have ever been. I often drop by and sit in the shop just to hear the stories Tony tells of Dorking characters from the past (‘Oh yes…he ran down the High Street wearing just his boots!’), or to pick up the latest barbering news from Antony. They genuinely love their customers. I have often seen them give their customers a supportive quiet whisper in the ear if they are having a tough time, or a piece of advice to someone who needs it. It is that classic male (and occasionally female) domain where men can speak freely and in confidence, and get quiet and honest support in return.

Before I sign off do try and make it on a Saturday in summer, when I would predict you would find an amazing array of motorised machinery parked outside. I once arrived in my newly polished 911, and swaggered into the shop with arrogant pride, only to have an immaculate Ferrari 360 pull up alongside it. A delightful older gentleman got out, and came into the shop, sitting quietly as he waited for his trim. A wall in the shop has an array of pictures of customer’s vehicles, covering sports cars, classics, motorcycles, tractors and fire engines.

The Golden Scissors. Go for a great haircut, go back for the great atmosphere.

The Golden Scissors

1A Meadowbrook Road



01306 882400