Wet Shaving: A How To Guide

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Shaving is a right a passage for all young gents. Upon realising that upper lip fur doesn’t make us look older – infact it looks bloody daft – we reach for a razor with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Through a process of trial and error we slowly become proficient with a razor in hand.

And yet, like many things in life, the novelty soon wears off. The customary shave before work becomes a chore, the responsibility often falling to an electric shaver. A wet shave, although less convenient, will always provide a closer shave – along with being far cooler.

Here’s our guide to removing face fuzz the manly way, the correct way.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that.

Begin by wetting your skin and hair with hot water. A shower or bath is also a great way to soften skin – hot towels are used by barbers to create the same effect. Dead skin and grit are a major cause of irritation, so now is a good time to use an exfoliator. Finally, apply a good pre-shave oil to further soften whiskers.
Immerse your badger brush fully under the warm water and allow the excess water to drip off. Place a small amount of shaving cream in your bowl and create a creamy lather using your brush. Apply the shaving cream to your face, always working in a circular motion.

Show time

It’s time to get to the business end of proceedings now your face is fully prepared.
If you take one thing from this article let it be this: Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Not across the grain, certainly not against the grain, just don’t do it, please. Right, now that’s been cleared up, pull your skin taut with your other hand and begin to shave. This isn’t an excavation mission, so be gentle to avoid nicks and cuts.

Post shave

There’s still some vital work to be done before you can bask in the glory of your newly shaven face.
Although not a traumatic experience, some trauma has been caused to the skin. Cool your skin down using cold water or a cold towel. Applying a post-shave balm will help further sooth the skin. Avoid the temptation to apply cologne straight away, as many of us know, it will sting like a (insert expletive).
And there we have it, gents. Hopefully you go away feeling reinvigorated and eager to once again return to that trusted razor. And remember, with the grain.